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We attended our first CTP show...

We attended our first CTP show, “Aristocats”, back in the Spring of 2008, and we were hooked!  Our two children wanted in on the next show and now seven years later have performed in 14 shows.  CTP/YTP
Is a wonderful organization that teaches so much more than singing, dancing, and acting.  We have seen both children increase their self-confidence and public speaking skills.  Each show is a team effort where each person’s contribution is necessary for success.  It’s a great lesson in responsibility. If you are looking for an outlet for your child to express their creativity, we would highly recommend CTP/YTP!!!



Ever Since My Daughter Was Four Years Old...

Ever since my daughter was four years old she was enjoying her roles of many Disney characters in our living room. So, by the time she was six years old, she’s tried a couple of different theater productions for children and they were good but we couldn’t afford them any longer. We’ve decided to search for something close to our budget and hoping that at the same time that it would be a great learning experience.

One day during our practice with Rock Valley children’s choir I met a nice lady and she was the one who told me about CTP. So, I started to do a little research on my own and I found out about CTP’s summer camp and our journey began.


I signed up my daughter for CTP summer camp. She was enjoying every moment being there. At the end of a summer camp we were given information about their fall theater production classes, so right away my daughter asked me to sign her up and I did just that.


When my daughter found out that she had to audition for Peter Pan, she was really exited and I didn’t even notice that she was worried, I feel that CTP summer camp gave her right boost of energy. So, she went for addition, was really excited about the part that she got.  I was sitting near by and was able to hear and see the addition, and I must say that I enjoyed watching judges( who are now voice, music and acting teachers of the production) very much.


Classes are held every Saturday morning which is the other aspect of CTP that I just love because our school and other activities schedule is very tight.


So, overall I’m happy to see my daughter enjoying herself with the CTP family because I finally can say that being there allows her acting abilities to grow and progress incredibly.


Thank you, CTP.
Sincerely, Elena.

My Three Children Have Adored...

My three children have adored being a part of CTP. We love the program. They have gained confidence, discovered what it means to be part of a cast, witnessed a number of productions come together, and had the privilege of performing on a professional theater stage. We’re so excited to be a part of this show and look forward to many more productions with CTP!


Many thanks to you-


Thank You For Being Great Mentors...

Thank you for being great mentors, teachers and inspiration by teaching our child. Besides earning “the real world-drama” skills at CTP, our child receives the positive attitude from each of you. Along with your positive attitudes, your encouragement motivates our child a lot, and it becomes one of great experiences our child reflects on. She enjoys time at CTP and cannot wait until each Saturday morning coming back. As the parents of our child, we very appreciated your sacrifice on your weekend days to share your experience with our child and the other kids. Your hardworking and commitment to the young generation are sincerely appreciated.


Huge kudos to Renee for her great communication sending out the emails and keeping us more connected.


Thank you CTP staffs for all you do!

Kind regards,


A Definite Asset To Our Community...

A definite asset to our community!! CTP/YTP brings a variety of local talented individuals who share their passions for theater. One of the best things about this group- ALL who are interested are given the opportunity to participate. Our daughter has been part of this inspiring group for four years. She has learned from some amazing teachers and made some great friends.”



As A Parent of a former CTP student and now YTP...

“As a parent of a former CTP student and now YTP, I can not express enough the positive impact the program has had on my daughter Kayte!  Kayte has always loved theatre, music, and performing. CTP/YTP has given her the wonderful opportunity to be on stage as well as learn about theatre and performing arts.  Kayte proudly displays all of the posters from her former shows in her bedroom and has turned her T-shirts into pillows!  Now CTP has given her the opportunity to be a Junior Staff Member and really learn the behind the scenes roles involved in a production!  Thank you CTP/YTP for being such an important part of our family!“


Hillman Elementary School