Our Policies

Because the staff of CTP/YTP believes it is the right of every participant to have a fair and positive theater experience, it is required that all parents and students abide by the following standards:


Parents and students are expected to show respect for the artistic team, staff, parents, volunteers and other students.


No child shall be touched by another child without his or her consent. Physical contact between students, outside of that involving the storyline, is unnecessary and discouraged in this setting.


Name-calling, profanity, aggressive behavior or violence toward any adult or student will not be tolerated.


Students will be required to respect all property belonging to other students, parents, CTP/YTP or the theater or practice facility. The repair or replacement of any damaged property must be the sole responsibility of the child and his or her family.


Use or possession of any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is forbidden during CTP/YTP activities.

Parents and students are expected to stay in the approved areas while at the theater and practice facilities and are not allowed to leave these areas without prior agreement.


Students are expected to be silent when they are being directed or instructed by CTP/YTP staff.


If practices and performances are held in a venue that allows food and drink, all waste must be disposed of by the parent/student who brought it to the facility. The facility must look the same as or better than it did at the beginning of practice.


Parents who choose not to stay during practices/performances must be back to collect their child at or before dismissal.


Grounds for non-casting or dismissal: Children who do not abide by these standards will be subject to dismissal at the discretion of the CTP/YTP staff.


Tuition may be paid partially or in full up to and including the day of auditions. If no tuition for you child is received by the end of audition day, you child will not be cast in the play. There are NO exceptions. If you are having difficulties with the tuition costs, you may speak to our Staff on or before audition day about a possible scholarship.


Scholarship parents who are not able to cover the full tuition are expected to volunteer their time to the production.


All practices are mandatory! An excessive amount of conflicts on the audition form may result in non-casting of your child.


Unexcused absences (absences not expressed as conflicts on your original audition form and not cleared with CTP/YTP staff prior to the missed date) will result in a child being dismissed from the production and replaced.


Excessive tardiness may result in a child being dismissed from the production and replaced.