Frequently Asked Questions

Auditions & Rehearsals

What ages of children does this organization work with?


We are divided into two groups:  Children’s Theater Project (CTP) is for children in Kindergarten – 6th grades and Youth Theater Project (YTP) is for youth in 7th – 12th grades.


My child would like to participate but she/he is not in kindergarten yet, can he sign up?


CTP/YTP is for kindergarten  – 12th  graders only. We would love to have you join when your child is at least in kindergarten.


My child wants to participate in your current production but is unable to attend a dress rehearsal or a show date because we will be out of town, can she still sign up?


Production run-through, Dress rehearsals and show dates are must dates and are required for the entire cast;

however we can be flexible if the production allows.


My child is nervous about auditioning, what happens during audition?


Most children are nervous about auditioning. For all of our programs, the auditions are open. You may come at any time between 5 pm and 7 pm on the days we hold auditions.


SING: Many of the newer or younger children simply sing Happy Birthday.  Children are encouraged to come prepared with 16 measures of a song that is from the current show or another musical that is age appropriate. We won’t have time for an entire song but you may be asked to sing more than 16 measures. 


ACT: In addition to singing, your child will read lines from the script that the director will choose for your child.


DANCE: Your child may learn a dance routine that they will perform for the staff.


If we live outside of Rockford, can we still participate?




Can a parent stay during rehearsals?


Yes! But most kids do better without a parent there so we may ask you to wait in the lobby.


Can I just drop my child off, or do I have to stay?


After your child if fully registered and paid in full you may drop your child off, but you are required to enter the building and sign your child in and later sign your child out until they have reached High School age.


How do I sign my child up for the next production?


When registration begins, (usually 1 month prior to starting date) there will be a link on our web site to register. Registering on line is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to register for our organization. You can register in person but that involves a larger amount of paper work and repetition. We prefer for you to register on line. 


I registered but nothing happened?


When you register on line you will receive a confirmation email shortly after registering. If you do not receive the confirmation, check your junk or spam email folders. If you do not find the email confirmation there, try registering again and do not leave any field blank.


When do we find out if our child is in the show?


Once a child is registered and has auditioned they are in the show. All children who audition receive a part in the production. Parts are emailed by the Friday prior to the first rehearsal.


When do you rehearse?


After auditions, rehearsals are every Saturday morning 9am to noon until tech week.


How many performances do you have each year?


Our season of 5 shows starts in August. 3 Musicals and 2 Plays.


I’d like to be informed when you are starting the next show?


Simply email us your email address and mailing address and we’ll keep you informed.




Does this cost and where do I pay?


Yes, we have a tuition fee for the performances.  On the first day or before your audition a $60 minimum is required.  Your remaining balance is due the following Saturday. Tuition: Includes rehearsals, script, music , majority of costume, cast t-shirt and cast party:


$120 + 9 or more *volunteer hours or

$190 + no volunteer hours


Sibling Discounts available:

$120 first child and $80 all others (with volunteer hours) or

$180 first child and $150 all others (without volunteer hours)


*Volunteering Families must sign-up to volunteer & be confirmed by pre-determined date for that production.


Can I use a credit card to pay for tuition?


We accept cash, check, MasterCard and Visa for registration.


Do you have scholarships?


Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available for our workshop/productions.  A $60 minimum is required for everyone.  To apply for a scholarship please contact us for a scholarship form and turn in during the first day of our program.


Do you have an office or box office?


The facilities we use are rented for the time we need them only. We do not have our own building or theater.


Where do you currently rehearse?


We currently rent space at:

Nordlof Center

118 N. Main St

Rockford, IL 61104


Where do you perform your productions?


The New Sullivan Theater on 118 Main St in Rockford


How do I purchase tickets?


When tickets go on sale you will need to purchase tickets through our web site: click on the ticket icon on the home page for the show you want to purchase tickets for. On line sales will close a few hours prior to that show.  Any remaining tickets may be purchased at the theater box office starting approximately 1 hour prior to performance time.  All seating is reserved unless otherwise stated.


I purchased tickets, where are my tickets?


When purchasing tickets a valid email and working printer is required. You will receive an email with all the tickets you purchased. Print this email out…THIS IS YOUR TICKET. Please check your spam folder for the email if you cannot find the ticket email.


Can I purchase tickets at the theater box office during the performances?


Yes you can, if tickets are still available.


I purchased tickets that I’m not going to use, can I get a refund?


Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. You are welcome to donate them to CTP or sell them yourself.


My child is in the current production do we receive free tickets?


No, you must purchase tickets to watch the show. Tuition cost covers, workshops and instructions, scripts, the majority of costume pieces, t-shirt and cast party.


How long has your organization been around?


We started in 2002.  Read more About Us.


Is this a profit making organization?


No. We are a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit. We rely on tuition, ticket sales, donations and volunteers to cover the expenses.