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Artistic Director ( YTP & Joint Show)

The work of the director is central to the production of a play. The director has the challenging task of bringing together the many complex pieces of a production—the script, actors, set, costuming, lighting and sound and music—into a unified whole.


To accomplish this task, a director needs to:

  • Interpret the script

  • Cast the production with the help of the Assistant Director (if needed), Musical Director, Choreographer and Stage manager

  • Collaborate with designers (lights, sound, set, costumes)

  • Guide and teach the students in their work during rehearsals.


In addition the director:

  • Reports to the Board of Directors on a regular basis to give an update on artistic activity.

  • Supervises and evaluates key technical personnel including stage managers, set designers and costumers.

Music Director (All Shows)

  • Ability to play piano and read music.

  • Help cast the production with the Director.

  • Guide and teach the students in their work during rehearsals.

  • Reports to the Director.

Choreographer (All Shows)

  • Design and direct the dance or stylized movement in the production.

  • Work closely with the Artistic Director, Music Director and Costumer.

  • Reports to the Artistic Director.

Stage Manager (All Shows)

  • Communicate the director's wishes to designers and crafts people.

  • Oversees each rehearsal and records show cues for blocking and general direction.

  • Guide and teach the students in their work during rehearsals.

  • Coordinates back stage crew/volunteers during productions.

  • Reports to the Artistic Director

Set Designer (All Shows)

  • Work closely with direction team (artistic, music, choreography) for vision of set design.

  • Design set plan and present to direction team for approval.

  • Coordinate carpenters, painters and set designers for construction and delivery of sets.

  • Reports to the Director

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