Actor Playbill Bio

Time to talk about you!

An actor’s bio is placed into the show playbill and should be written in the third person and give only facts about the actor, Opinions such as: Olivia is so sweet and we love her to pieces, are not appropriate for bios, (but would work great if you purchased them a Break-A-Leg ad). The actor bio also has a word limit and should contain no more than 65 words.  Any bios that are longer will be edited at our discretion.  Please allow your child to help with writing their bio, this makes it a more memorable experience for the show they just put so much hard work into.


The earlier the bio is submitted the better!

*Any bio not submitted by the deadline will read:

Actor’s name, cast, role, grade & school ONLY with no other personal information or acting credentials.

Example Bio​s:

Jill is a Freshman at Hononegah High School. She has performed in 20 shows with CTP/YTP, CCT, and school productions. She assists the choreographer with CTP productions. Her favorite roles include Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Terk (Tarzan), and Pilar (Legally Blonde). Jill dances for Hononegah, is a competitive dancer with Evolve Dance Company, and volunteers at GiGi’s Playhouse. Huge thanks to the staff for their dedication.


Tommy is in third grade at Whitman Post Elementary. This is Tommy's 6th show with CTP and he is so excited to be playing Peter in Peter Pan.  When Tommy is not acting, he is busy swimming or drawing. He would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers for their help in making this show a success! He cannot wait for the adventure to begin!

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