Audition Process

Workshop 9:00-10:30 *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

Attending all three workshops is highly recommended not only because it will help prepare the auditioner for their own audition but will also give the Production Team an idea of how well the child can work with other children and with the Production Team. It is beneficial for the auditioner to stay the entire portion of workshops, but only if they are dedicated to working on their auditions. All workshop participants will start out with the Dance Portion. They will then go to the Acting Portion. During the Acting Portion, the Music Director will be pulling out children to do the Vocal Portion. When all three are complete, the auditioner may leave with a parent or they may stay in the Acting Portion room to work on songs and scenes (recommended).

Workshop: Dance Portion

While the dance call is not required, it is highly recommended that you attend the mover call at the very least. This show does not have many roles that do not move and you would be severely limiting your casting options by not attending the mover call. The dances learned will be performed during the audition slot.

Workshop Acting Portion

When workshop participant has completed the Dance Portion, they will move to another room to the Acting Portion. Copies of the scenes that will be used during the actual audition will be available for reading and practicing in this room. No one on one time with the director will be available to work on scenes. It’s highly recommended to read through and practice on your own or with the other auditioners at this time. This will help the auditioner to feel more comfortable and familiar with the characters and words for the actual audition. The Stage Manager will be facilitating this workshop portion and will be able to answer questions or give some tips on acting and song selections.


Workshop: Vocal Portion

Small groups of auditioners will be pulled out during the Acting Workshop to work with the Music Director. He will be checking each child’s vocal range. That means he will be checking to see how your voice sounds when singing from your lowest notes to your highest notes. You will not need your song for auditions prepared for this portion. It should only take a few minutes per person for him to check your range.


Audition (11:00AM - 4:00PM)

During your audition time slot, each auditioner will have the time to sing, dance, and act for the production team. Scene copies will be available to look over while waiting for your audition time.


Dance Portion

Auditioner will be performing the dance(s) learned during the Dance Workshops. There will be no time to teach the dance. There will only be time for a quick review and last minute questions. All auditioners must perform at least one dance. It is possible that an auditioner will perform all three dances depending on skill and comfort. If an auditioner participated in all three workshops, it is up to them to decide if they want to perform all three dances. Remember, if you do not perform the tap audition, you will not be considered for in Step In Time.


Vocal Portion

All auditioners should have 16 measures* of a song prepared to sing. A song from the Mary Poppins Musical is preferred, but a Disney or Broadway show song is also acceptable. No pop songs. All auditioners should commit to singing something that shows off their range and ability.

Songs may be sung with or without music. There will be a speaker available that uses an aux cord. However we ask that the song be prepared to begin where you’d like your 16 measures to start.


*Note: 16 measures is only around 30-45 seconds long. Since it’s a very short amount of time, it is best to choose the part of the song that shows off your voice the best, typically showing you can sing high and low well while still sounding pleasing.


Acting Portion

Auditioners will be reading scenes in their audition time slot groups. Each auditioner will be assigned a character to read during the scene. Typically, you’re given a short amount of time to prepare with your group and then will play the scene out in front of the Director and production team. Time allowing, each auditioner will get to read any and all characters they are interested being cast. The Director may also ask you to read a part you were not interested in. If you do not get to read a part you wanted, this does not mean you will not be considered for the role. If you are asked to read a part you didn’t want, that also does not mean you are considered for the role. What is read and given is dependent on time and the group.



The Production Team will try to get the Casting results out as soon as possible. We find it very important to discuss all possibilities to create the very best cast. We ask that you be patient. The Cast List will be emailed to families by Monday night at the latest.



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