The Audition Process With CTP/YTP


Upon registering with CTP/YTP for an upcoming show, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail.  You must also select an audition time with the link above  All of our auditions run approximately 1 hour, where the actor will meet with our Director, our Choreographer, and our Vocal Director.


Vocal Audition – Each actor will need to come prepared with a vocal audition song.  Depnding on the show, your audition song may be preselected.  It is your responsibility to find and practice your song to perform in front of our Vocal Director.  If your song is not preselected (as is most of our CTP shows) please help your actor to prepare a song they are comfortable singing, even if it is something as simple as Happy Birthday.


Choreography – All actors will perform a section of choreography.  This will be taught at the workshop.


Acting – All actors will perform for our director.  It is the director’s choice as to what the performance will be.  Many times the actors will read from the script in a variety of parts. Researching the  is always helpful.


Pre-Audition Workshop

CTP/YTP holds pre-audition workshops the morning before we hold auditions.  These are not required, though HIGHLY recommended.  During the workshop your actor will gat an opportunity to meet the production staff and become more familiar with the process.  The choreography for auditions will be taught during this time, giving yur actor a chance to really work on their skills.  Your actor will also get an opportunity to sing for our Vocal Director and interact with our Artistic Director.